Because of You!

2023 Year in Review

This year in review is simply a mirror of you. By God’s power and your faithfulness to serve, love, pray, and give, you’re making an eternal difference in the lives of others every day. You’re the hands and feet of Jesus, meeting the needs of our community. You’re the worshippers and servants welcoming people through the doors of our church every weekend. You’re the loving hands and hearts, that guide the young and empower the next generation of leaders. Together with the power of Spirit, you’re playing a role in every hand that is raised and every story that is changed.

Behind every hand that is raised is a story of someone’s life that is changed.  That person matters to us and they matter to God.

hands went up to receive Christ in 2023.
We’re committed to sharing the stories God is telling through others at TheBOD.
Here’s just one we’ve had the honor of being a part of this year.
The church is not a building, it’s the people.  Each week we gather to worship, celebrate, and serve God.  We’ve found purpose behind our passion and want to help everyone become the person God created them to be.

people walked through the doors each week.


It’s one of the most meaningful steps we can experience as a follower of Christ – letting the world know of our decision to follow him.  That’s why we make a big deal about it.

people went public with their faith through Baptism in 2023.


At TheBOD, It’s our volunteers that make the difference. One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ is to serve the local church. We like to say there’s nothing more fun than serving God with people you love.

volunteers serving over


Your Church on Mission

Relief and Restoration

Beyond what happens in our personal lives and church experiences, sharing the love of Christ means bringing help and hope to people in need. We partner with community organizations, local churches, and focus on opportunities that span the globe.
This Thanksgiving, your church took an entire weekend we called Impact Sunday and delivered

120 Thanksgiving meals

to local families in need. We gathered over

3500 lbs

of groceries and served over 500 people.
This year we partnered with God’s Pit Crew and Moffett Schools by giving


to help pack

1000 blessing buckets

that will be used to serve families in our region affected by natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes.
God’s heart is for the orphan. So is ours. This year, TheBOD had over


of financial impact through Care Portal, a nationwide network that connects local churches to foster care and adoptive family needs through local DHS workers.


Digital Missions

Every week God is changing lives. Every hand that is raised, every story shared, every baptism celebrated is a result of God using people in their local campus and community through their giving to impact lives all across the globe.  We partner with Life.Church digital missions to maximize every dollar we give toward this effort.

This year you helped translate the bible into over 100 languages in 36 different countries. Since beginning in 2017 you’ve played a part in helping translate the bible into a readable language for over 153 million people.   

 As a church we’re committed alongside hundreds of other churches to help eradicate Bible Poverty by 2033.

the number of free resources and downloads you've played a part in

the amount we've given in 16 years to support digital missions.

the number of Bible App installs you've played a part in.

We’re making 2024 our most generous year yet!

Because we’ve seen all that God has done, we know this is just the beginning. What part will you play in the next decade? Generosity isn’t just something we do it’s a part of who we are at TheBOD. If you’re ready to see how God wants to use your generosity, tithing is a great first step.  It’s the beginning place of Christian generosity. You give above and beyond an offering, to help expand existing ministries and spaces to reach more people through Campus Development, launch churches in new communities through Spaces & Places, or invest in people in your community and around the world with a gift to Relief & Restoration.